Dutch Hollow Foods is the leader in our region in repackaging bulk foods into retail size packaging. 

Our Facility is conveinently located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. The majority of our repackaged items are snack foods and frozen food items. 

We purchase large quanities of produce and repackage it in retail or signal serve packaging. We wholesale and retail the product to the public at a greatly reduced price. Giving the consumer a quality product at a reduced

If you are a manufacture please contact our purchasing department for details.


All staff/volunteers involved in repackaging are required to comply with food safety requirements: hair restraints and gloves will be worn; clothing/aprons will be clean; hands will be clean prior to gloving; no jewelry can be visible. Individuals will abstain from eating, drinking, and smoking around food. • Gloves will be worn. Gloves will be changed between tasks. Gloves will be removed when leaving the clean room and new gloves put on upon return. • Anyone involved in repackaging must have a signed health policy document on file.


Food must be handled to prevent contamination, and temperature must be maintained.

• Repackaging material must be food-safe and acceptable for the food product.

• The label for the repacked product must include: – Common name of the product – Name and place of manufacturer, packer, or distributor.