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We do a number of auctions across Pennsylvania and Maryland to raise money for needed organizations.

The way it Works: 

      We supply All needed auction supplies and equipment not limited to:

  • Auctioneer

  • Pa system

  • Auction block

  • Clerking system (paper or computer depending)

  • Cashier supplies

  • Ad copy to be reproduced

  • Raffle tickets for 50/50

  • Pallet jacks and hand trucks for bring in merchandise

      All items to sell including:

  • Grocery Sale

  • Frozen meats, refrigerated items and fresh produce depending on schedule.

  • Snacks (chips, candy, and pretzels), canned goods, baked items, paper goods (paper towels, tissues, and such), Health & beauty supplies, cereals, pet food & toys and cleaning supplies.

  • We will at times sell some general merchandise as well.


      New Merchandise Sale

  • Toys, games, hardware, pet supplies, food, jewelry, giftware, and small appliances.


The following is a clarification of terms used in this document. “Benefit” is the company we are holding the auction for.


     What we need from sponsoring Benefit Company:

  • Location (fire station works well with trucks removed, Church, Community center, etc...)

  • Help with advertising (Benefit Company to produce and distribute flyers and reimburse a percentage of advertising costs) Benefit should place ad in local newspaper. (Mega Dealz will supply ad copy to be reproduced)

  • Provide food stand with workers for refreshments

  • Auction runners (at least 3 people to help pass out items won by bidders)

  • 2 or more people to help unload and set merchandise for the auction

  • Chairs set in auditorium style with aisle down the middle and on sides

  • Tables at front of room and surrounding border of the sale for display

  • Phone Line connection for credit card terminal.                                   

  • Adequate power supply for pa system at head of auditorium and for registration table.

       Terms for distribution of funds to Benefit Company discussed on site.